… your Kruger adventure.

photo 3-2If you’re new to Kruger, and keen to get the best experience (and the best value for your money), we can help with your planning, both in advance and while you’re here.

Local Knowledge.

We know Kruger, especially the southern region, very well. We’re happy to help you plan what to do, where to go, and how to get the most out of it.

If you’d like a suggested itinerary for your stay at Birdsong or Nextdoor Kruger, let us know in advance and we can put some ideas together for you, including full-day and half day Kruger routes, notes on times and distances, the best roads and rest stops. It will enhance the experience if you’re on the right roads at their best times of day, and if you arrive at the rest stops just when everyone’s getting thirsty or hungry, or keen to find the loo. Or all three, more likely.




You’ll appreciate that while driving in Kruger it is strictly forbidden – as well as recklessly foolish – to get out of your vehicle, except at the various fully-fenced and secure Rest Camps. But there are also a few special places where you are able to stretch your legs in safety, even have a picnic. These are designated elevated viewpoints (hilltops) or riverside outlooks, and we know a couple of good ones to include in your route plan for the day.


Birdsong hosts Les and Paul are both keen photographers (in fact Les was a professional). We can help new photographers with advice on where, when and how to get the best wildlife shots in Kruger. We can also help experienced photographers with advice on finding the right locations and situations; just tell us the subjects and the sort of shots you’re hoping for.

Local Attractions.

If you’re keen to experience some local culture outside Kruger (and a bit of variation is always a good idea, particularly if you have children in your party), then we can suggest some side trip options.

There are many interesting attractions close to Marloth Park and southern Kruger, offering amusements, sight-seeing opportunities, outdoor adventures for the cautious and for the crazy, and local shopping and dining.

Further Afield.

It’s perfectly feasible to plan a family day trip to nearby Swaziland or Mozambique. The Mozambique border is just 20 minutes away from Birdsong, and the Swazi border is less than an hour’s drive. We can offer advice and suggestions about where to go and what to see.