Marloth Park, where Birdsong and Nextdoor Kruger lodges are located, is a unique place.

It’s a 1500 hectare residential wildlife conservancy in natural bushland right on the doorstep of Kruger.



Marloth has its own prolific wildlife population, including zebras, impala, kudu, wildebeest, giraffes, warthogs, and several other species.

IMG_5157They stroll freely through the bush all around your lodge, and are sufficiently used to people that they will often approach with metres … or even closer; if you’re careful and take things slowly you can hand-feed a zebra or a kudu.

But be aware that they are not tame; they’re wild animals and you must use common sense and caution, especially regarding children approaching animals.

There are also resident leopards in Marloth, and some hyenas sneak in by night, so walking about the bush after dark is a very bad idea.  Don’t do that.


But walking by day in Marloth is an absolutely wonderful experience. The bushland is beautiful, and well provided with roads and tracks.  You’ll encounter lots of the Marloth animals on your walk, and countless birds of many species.

photo 4From Birdsong and Nextdoor Kruger, the Crocodile river is just 15 minutes walk along safe bush tracks.  There you’ll be looking directly into Kruger National Park (the river is actually inside Kruger), so you can expect to see elephants up close … there’s a short video that was shot from Marloth at the bottom of this page.

You can also spot buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, many species of antelope, sometimes rhinos, and quite often lions.

A very big and active lion pride, the Vurhami pride, calls this section of the river home. Members of that pride, sometimes numbering well over a dozen, are often seen from within Marloth Park by guests walking along the southern side of the river.

You can have some surprising sightings at the river, from within Marloth.  We’ve even seen the ultra-rare pangolin, which is a near once-in-a-lifetime sighting by day.  Don’t believe us?  Click here.


IMG_2577Marloth Park has two discreet ‘shopping centres’, each with a small supermarket for food and other provisions. There are two bottle stores (off-licences), two butchers, a fruit & vegetable shop, a fuel station (petrol and diesel), a bakery and a laundry service. There’s also three excellent pubs, each with family style restaurants. And if you feel the need for pampering, there’s a couple of very nice day spas within Marloth.

Marloth adjoins a private game reserve called Lionspruit, with entry available to all Marloth residents and guests. It’s another 1500 hectares, and contains all the animal species that are in the residential section, plus lions, buffalo and rhino. There are several waterholes where you can exit the car and sit in a purpose-built hide, plus one location with a fenced picnic area overlooking the waterhole.

Marloth also contains a recreational and camping centre in a municipal park on the river. It has a large public swimming pool that’s great for kids as well as adults, and a riverside restaurant with elevated panoramic views into Kruger.

photo 2

Don’t Tell Anybody

… about Marloth Park. Just kidding. You’re going to love it here, because it’s a special, family-friendly place in the bush like no other.  So you’re going to want to tell people about it.  You won’t want to forget your time in Marloth Park.

So tell your friends by all means, but ask them to mention your name when they book at Birdsong or Nextdoor Kruger, so we can buy you a drink when you come back again.  Which you very likely will.